Peel Labour stands in Solidarity with Six Nations Land Defenders

The Peel Regional Labour Council (PRLC) calls on the government of Canada and Ontario to respect the treaty rights of the Haudenosaunee people. The PRLC is appalled at the level of violence committed against Haudenosaunee people by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for defending their land.

The PRLC reminds state-parties that we are bound by treaties. The Haldimand Tract was awarded to the Six Nations in 1784 for their alliance with the British against the Americans during their Revolution. That without the alliance of the Haudenosaunee people there would not be a country called Canada. It is through their alliance, bravery, and sacrifice that the Upper Canada colony remained independent from the Manifest Destiny aspirations of the newly formed United States.

Since that time, the land granted to Six Nations has been slowly eroded away, where at this point only 5% of the original Haldimand Tract is currently assigned to the Six Nations. Land continues to be illegally developed and sold by different levels of Canadian government without permission of the Six Nations.

The escalation of violence by the OPP that include, firing rubber bullets at, tasering, and arresting Indigenous people, for defending their land is horrifying. The actions over the past month fly in the face of our shared commitment to reconciliation. It further violates the 2007 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, of which Canada is a signatory.

The PRLC stands in solidarity and supports the treaty rights of the Haudenosaunee. We strongly urge that the government and the OPP cease the escalation of violence. We further demand that all charges against Land Defenders be dropped. We request the Government of Canada publicly apologize for unlawfully selling land they did not have permission to sell and find a remedy for their wrongdoing.

As a labour council, we will donate to the 1492 Landback Lane Legal Support fund. We urge members of our labour community across Peel to join in, raise awareness, and do what they can do to defend the treaty rights of Indigenous peoples across Canada. For those that can donate, please consider giving a donation to the legal fund by sending an e-transfer to: [email protected].

For the latest updates or other ways to support and donate,  follow the 1492 Land Back Lane  Facebook page here:

Together we can resist further colonization within Canada. Let's rebuild our nation to nation relationship to one based on peace and solidarity.

The Peel Regional Labour Council


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